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Hey, we're DJ & Cassie.

We're so glad you stopped by!

We're husband & wife, business partners, avid travelers, and devoted dog-parents!


We can't wait to capture the beauty within your love story.


If photos capture each moment, your film is a time capsule for every emotion. That’s why we want to give you both.


Together, photos & films, act as a living wedding album that lets you relive each moment for years to come. 

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We love what we do!


But most of all, we love getting to know our clients and making sure our photos and films give them a way to make their meaningful moments last forever.


We’ve been married for 7 years, and it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. It has brought healing, growth, and extravagant joy into our lives - that’s why we’re so passionate about using our creativity to celebrate and support marriages.

We're based in Central Florida, but will gladly travel  A N Y W H E R E  to capture your love story.

Your love shapes your history, and no two love stories are the same.

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Behind the Lens - DJ


I've always been drawn to creative hobbies. I started playing drums when I was 12 years old, dabbled in painting and pottery in high school, and later in life was drawn to stage lighting and set design.

I fell in love with photography over 7 years ago after a friend gave me her Canon T2i. I immediately began carrying that camera with me wherever I went and have been capturing the world around me ever since.

I love wedding and portrait photography because I get to show our clients an unbiased side of themselves that they don't normally get to see. Most of us tend to cast ourselves in a harsh light when it comes to our own appearance, but I love that photography is a simple truth that can often break that delusion. When someone tells me that I've taken the best photo they've ever had taken of themselves - there's nothing better.

What Cassie Loves about DJ:

He is the kind of person who makes everyone feel like a someone. His care and kindness towards others is genuine and never-ending. He is constantly learning and trying to improve. He is the funniest person I've ever met. He has a discernment about people that's somehow always right. He has the prettiest, bluest eyes! He is the best dog-dad in the entire world. I love how he always trusts God even in the midst of chaos and confusion. He always makes me laugh and reminds me to relax and have fun. He makes my life better in every way.

Behind the Lens - Cassie


I discovered my love for visual story-telling over 10 years ago when I decided to take a TV Studio course on a whim. And just like that - after years of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life - I knew I was meant to tell meaningful stories. Two short years later, I graduated from the University of Central Florida with my Bachelor's in Radio & Television Production with a minor in Film.

While leading the Creative Department at my church, a few engaged friends asked if I would shoot and edit their wedding film for them - and the rest is history!

What I love about capturing weddings is getting to create a place for real and meaningful moments to last forever. It's a tremendous honor to be trusted to create heirloom films that will be cherished by families for years to come.

photo of Cassie smiling and holding a camera

What DJ Loves about Cassie:

I love Cassie for who she has always been: beautiful, strong, wise, God-loving, kind, honest, caring, and such a creative person.  She has been my rock when life is sometimes out of control. She always supports me and sees me for who I am and who I can be. She is so wise and understanding. She is a wonderful listener and always has the best advice. She supports people and their dreams. She always has such a positive perspective of life. She has the best laugh, and it’s super contagious. I love how much she loves our dog - they are the best of friends and Starlight is very much a momma's girl. I love the way Cassie loves me and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.  

Your turn!



We believe doing the right thing matters - even if it's the hardest thing. That means we are honest, transparent, and authentic with our clients. We go the extra mile to make sure matters are handled with our client's best interests in mind.


We aim to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service. We respond quickly and with great detail and care. We guide you through every phase of timeline planning with ease. So relax, we got you!


We have spent years and significant money investing in top of the line equipment and ongoing education to stay sharp and competitive in our industry. When you book with us, you can rest easy knowing we are going to deliver an excellent product.

photo of Cassie holding a camera

our why:


With such complimentary creative strengths, it feels undeniable that working together to tell stories through photo and film is what we were made to do.


Beyond that, we believe fulfillment is found by figuring out what your God-given gifts are and sharing them with others. 

Simply put, this is more than just a job - telling stories through our unique perspective is what we feel called to do.

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one small step...

We'd love to capture your love story!  

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